Where I Come From

A tiny spot on the map

A little place called Churu

The hottest place in the country.


A little town on the coast

Down Under in Kerala

From the family of the Prince of Ernakulam.


The smell of tanneries

A general flatness next to the Ganga

A little but big town called Kanpur.


I come from all these places

But my heart belongs to the center of my country.

I come from Dilli


I come from no real religion

 But a puja on every Diwali and Vishu

A set of new clothes and Vish-Kanni.


I come from a three bedroom apartment

From orange, blue and red walls

I come from a little black wagging tail not seen above the bed.


I come from a road full of Gujjar boys

Flashy cars and crass loud music

A momo stall and the smell of kathi rolls


I come from the Simpsons, FRIENDS, and SO You Think You Can Dance

The talk of Manchester United, Shin guards and mercurials,

And the sounds of someone screaming “Man On”


I come from 3 amazing people, 3 amazing friends

A tank on a terrace

The lights from a cellphone


This is where I come from.

And this is where I’ll be

For now and for the years to come.


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