“They say they …

“They say they have skeletons in their closets, I say I have a graveyard.”


Everyone has a few. Some of us have more. Some of us have them buried deep within. Some talk of them to a point that they become open secrets and talking matter.

I remember saying this many a years ago when asked if I was an open book or did I have a few skeletons of my own… 

Tell me your secrets I’ll tell you mine, maybe it will make you feel better about your life.


Reflections in the Pichola

Reflections in the Pichola

On the Banyan Tree Jetty at The Oberoi Udaivilas.
How elements come together is sensational. from a lake that ran dry a few years back to one that drowned a few trees.
Missing a city that felt like home.


14 years and counting. History and more.

14 years and counting. History and more.

The Purana Quila or the Old fort in Delhi has been a part of my life since I was about four, it came on the way to school and back. 14 years twice a day I saw this beautiful building. In the monsoons we’d peel our eyes in the bus to spot the dancing peacocks and cock our heads for the sound of the rain hitting the water in the moat.
This was the first picture I took from my new smartphone and really made me wonder how different the world looks once your perspective of looking at it changes.


” Fear is what …

” Fear is what wakes you up everyday, and hope what puts you to sleep”

While talking to a colleague soon after I resigned from my workplace, he said that “fear is the greatest motivator” I chose to disagree and said to him that hope is the greatest motivator. In a split second, the words came tumbling out and it became a one liner.

Sometimes its really important to let go of the fear, to let hope get the better of you. One may call this fool hardy or being over confident but its happier isn’t it to live in hope and not in fear?

Maybe I’m wrong or maybe I’m just naive, but I’m not ready to be just that jaded yet.


Where I Come From

A tiny spot on the map

A little place called Churu

The hottest place in the country.


A little town on the coast

Down Under in Kerala

From the family of the Prince of Ernakulam.


The smell of tanneries

A general flatness next to the Ganga

A little but big town called Kanpur.


I come from all these places

But my heart belongs to the center of my country.

I come from Dilli


I come from no real religion

 But a puja on every Diwali and Vishu

A set of new clothes and Vish-Kanni.


I come from a three bedroom apartment

From orange, blue and red walls

I come from a little black wagging tail not seen above the bed.


I come from a road full of Gujjar boys

Flashy cars and crass loud music

A momo stall and the smell of kathi rolls


I come from the Simpsons, FRIENDS, and SO You Think You Can Dance

The talk of Manchester United, Shin guards and mercurials,

And the sounds of someone screaming “Man On”


I come from 3 amazing people, 3 amazing friends

A tank on a terrace

The lights from a cellphone


This is where I come from.

And this is where I’ll be

For now and for the years to come.