“We’re walking …

“We’re walking talking broken rules.”

A friend of mine and I were lunching in the city and post a few glasses of wine and some brilliant food, as we left the restaurant we saw a sign that said “No sale of liquor to underage citizens.”

We smirked, laughed a little and walked on, this started a discussion on how often we forget that we’re even breaking rules… And then came the words. 

Its an interesting conundrum when you come to think of it, we forget the difference between the rights and the wrongs so easily, its so hazy the line in between. especially when you learn to live life on the basis of perception and not abject morals set by someone else.

Funny; how all things right and wrong become second skin.


“They say they …

“They say they have skeletons in their closets, I say I have a graveyard.”


Everyone has a few. Some of us have more. Some of us have them buried deep within. Some talk of them to a point that they become open secrets and talking matter.

I remember saying this many a years ago when asked if I was an open book or did I have a few skeletons of my own… 

Tell me your secrets I’ll tell you mine, maybe it will make you feel better about your life.


” Fear is what …

” Fear is what wakes you up everyday, and hope what puts you to sleep”

While talking to a colleague soon after I resigned from my workplace, he said that “fear is the greatest motivator” I chose to disagree and said to him that hope is the greatest motivator. In a split second, the words came tumbling out and it became a one liner.

Sometimes its really important to let go of the fear, to let hope get the better of you. One may call this fool hardy or being over confident but its happier isn’t it to live in hope and not in fear?

Maybe I’m wrong or maybe I’m just naive, but I’m not ready to be just that jaded yet.